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Bitcoin trend based Elliott ....
This is really wonderful....


Interesting interpretation of Elliot. Would like to know if you have backed this conviction with your own hard-earned monies, specifically, shorting to $26k by around 20th September? Cheers.
This analysis raises only one possibility. Like all other analyzes, time determines whether I was wrong or not. I have always adhered to my strategy and I will trade according to it. This way I will either make a profit or learn newer things
pluckyEggs15004 saeedabdoli
@saeedabdoli, With you on all of that. And we never stop learning. You have 10 wave patterns in a 12 month period. Elliot was not designed for such short time frames. Typically 3-month wave patterns at least should be identified before Elliot has reliability. If you go back 30 months and redraw Elliot I think you will find a different projection for the run-up to Xmas. Stick to your guns and all the best.
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