Alt-Coins about to Push?

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Bitcoin has gained even more dominance, currently standing at 65.23% of the total market cap. In the passed few days during the bull run towards $13,000, altcoins were tumbling badly, than took an additional tumble when Bitcoin corrected towards $11,150 (+/-). With no bad news, Bitcoin is surely to make another press upward. But during this calm, we may see a huge spike in the price of alt-coins as profit takers from this last bull run invest in coins that fell. Expect to see ADA, XRP, XML coins start being bought up at these new lows. The next huge percentages gains will come from alt-coins.. This is the low where to buy in.
Comment: As predicted. So far we can see:

- ADA is up 10%
- XRP is up 6%
- Altcoin Average is up 5%

This is just the start. They need to return to their prices. Ripple was at $0.39 and ADA was at $0.082, so expect even higher gains.