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Bars pattern from $6k to $3k crash back in Nov 2018 compared to our current drop.
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in it to win it #toiletpaper
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@ccashwell, yeah exactly. but still. it's great!
Can you clarify if that's brand new or used tp.
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snookerer ilovesuccess
@ilovesuccess, sure.. its a brand new individually wrapped Roll of Charmin Ultra Soft
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ilovesuccess snookerer
@snookerer, Thanks. Asking for a friend.
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ccashwell ilovesuccess
@ilovesuccess, riiiiiight
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Awesome chart and awesome call. Good work Steve. After the NYSE dropped $3000 today, this looks more probable that ever.
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As soon as you posted this they changed their plan.
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Where? On the way to actual capitulation? I remember a video from months ago where you said true capitulation would be 3000 ish.
Happy I sold at 8600 now.
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