The PayPal 90 Day Bitcoin Challenge

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One of the reasons most investors (I'm talking long term investors 3-5-10 years out) lose money is they have no Plan, no Strategy, and no boundaries. Many that start out with a plan and strategy get emotional during periods of volatility, such as this weekend, and tend to sell out at the wrong time, only to buy back at higher prices resulting in portfolio erosion.

The most important aspect of investing is having a plan, strategy and boundaries. So before we get into the challenge, lets take a look at the broader picture, set our broader targets, and then devise a plan to invest for the long haul.

As we tell our members, without a plan and strategy to execute, you are simply a ship on the ocean without a rudder and with no course or direction floating on the ocean to nowhere.

First we start with Target Levels and reasonable Time Frames:

IF you see someone calling for a 100k target and they are using a daily chart or even worse yet a 4 hour chart all I can say is run forest run. For 3-5-10 year time frames we look at no less than the weekly, but for purposes here we are using the monthly.

Starting with the broader trend line it is reasonable to see Bitcoin 100k over the next 2 years. Also reasonable to see 250k over the next 5 years IF the trend continues. I say IF because we have no idea of what the future beholds, but clearly the trend is higher, and we want to stick with the broader trend.

We are also likely in a broader 5th wave of the multi year market cycle, so maybe we exceed 100k in the next year, maybe we don't. I don't know, you don't know, the furus on TV don't know, but it is within reason for Bitcoin to hit 100k over the next several years, based on the overall trend.

Now we set a Plan:

Ohh golly gee, Goldbug is once again buying the highs. Yeah ok where are all the trolls that for two year critiqued my 13,500 purchase or the 4500 purchases not to mention a few others in between? Who wouldn't want to own Bitcoin at 13k now, or even the prior high at 19k? Those prices are Likely gone, I say likely because you never know.

What I want to do here is build up a position for the long term, and I don't give a crap what happens on the daily let alone 4 hour chart, I am thinking long term here. I also want to limit my exposure. I am not going to mortgage my house or blow up my credit cards to buy a position that may or may not work out. However I do have excess spending cash every week, you know that money I spend on Starbucks, going to dinner, buying stupid crap.

So my plan is to simply reduce my spending on crap, maybe it is only $50 a week in your case, maybe it is $500 a week, either way I am going to put half of my crap spending into the market here for the long term. So how do I do this? I form a strategy, and what is nice is PayPal has made it so easy to do now.

The Strategy:

My strategy is simple to start, so if you are new to Bitcoin and have been wanting to get in but are afraid to buy the highs, or simply want to increase a current position that you already have, or add another strategy to your others, this is a simple strategy using PayPal's easy access to buying Bitcoin.

I am going to buy $30 a day at the end of every day for the next 90 days regardless of price here. Not going to use any charts, not going to think about it, just simply going to buy ever day and will track how it does. After 90 days if I feel comfortable I will continue but we need to set boundaries otherwise we are just blindly buying.


As long as Bitcoin remains under 60k I will continue to add. Above 60k I stop adding Bitcoin but continue to accumulate cash and sit. Once Bitcoin hits 100k or is close to it, I will trim out a percentage of my position. Above 60k, I will then only buy % pullbacks that are pre-determined.

Am I going to get rich doing this? Probably not. Am I going to build my wealth over the next 3-5-10 years implementing this simple plan and strategy? Well even if Bitcoin goes back to 10k, which is doubtful, I will have more money than if I spent it on useless bull crap that I do every day. So I am cutting into my discretionary spending which has a long term value of zero, and putting it into something I believe the value will go up.


PayPal makes buying Bitcoin easy and effortless. No longer do you have to go through all the crap we did pre-2019 to buy some Bitcoin. You can buy as little as $1.00, but with the fees, $25 is where I want to be. So if you can't do $25 a day, do it weekly, or monthly, or you adjust the strategy and boundaries to suit your style of investing.

For years we mentioned once mainstream is able to buy easily it will be a game changer. We are seeing the evolution before us, yet still people get overly excited because Bitcoin pulled back 20% in a day. Though they are long term, they get cold feet and blow out their entire portfolio many of them. Then when a Big pullback does not evolve, they are left buying at levels higher than they sold, and this leads to portfolio erosion.

For example you had 10 Bitcoin, saw a 10k pullback and blew out your position at 34k. Sure you have 340k in cash, but what if Bitcoin breaks higher from here and does not pullback to 24k? What if it pulls back and you get cold feet and stay in cash. Next thing you know Bitcoin is at 40k and you go from cold to hot and buy back in. Rutt Roo you can only buy 8.5 Bitcoin and you now eroded your portfolio 30%. Do this over and over you could ride the whole move up and miss out on some huge gains. Why? Because you had no discipline to stick with your long term plan.

Believe me this happens more often than you think. The sidelines of the trend are full of those attempting to time the market with their long term holdings and slowly eroding their portfolio. Why? Because they had no Plan or Strategy.

I had a plan and strategy for buying a new Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra with the Stage 4 kit and upgraded sound system. I bought 1 Bitcoin at 4500 just for my new bike. Had I went out and bought the new bike on payments or cash, I left all that money on the table. My target is 60k, I will have enough to pay taxes on Capital gains, buy the bike and a little cash left over.

My point is I decided my long term goals are more important than my short term desires. Decide for yourself if your desire to spend on useless crap is more important than your long term goals? Cut this by 25% even 10% can put you on the path to making you wealthy in the long term. In an age of instant gratification it can be tough, so here is a good way to form a great habit and put you on the path to wealth. Takes approximately 66 days to form a habit if we do it for 90 days, hopefully those that take the challenge will continue.

Being successful in long term investing starts with having a Plan, strategy, and the discipline to stick with it. PayPal has made it so easy to do with Bitcoin and others, and that is why I am putting out the PayPal Bitcoin 90 day challenge. Join if you want, modify it to suit your means, tell your grandma, share with friends, and in 90 days we will check back in and see where we are at. I think most will be surprised, to say the least, at how a little modification to your daily spending, can result in long term gratification.

Mark the calendar March 20th to see how we do, and of course we will track this for our members.

The reason I am putting this out there is I continue to get the questions "where should I buy?" The first question is what is your goal! Long term goals start with a long term plan. IF you are long term stop watching the 4 hour charts, stop following these Furus shilling crap coins, buy quality, buy often, forget about price and focus on the broad term.

Thank you PayPal for making it easier to buy and sell than other sites out there. I am going to continue to accumulate as mentioned above for longer than 90 days, but if you can do it for 90 days, you likely develop a good habit that may not make you a Bitcoin Billionaire, but will put you on the path to being wealthy in the long term.

Also track your trading results, see if you beat the returns of DCA daily over the next 90 days. If not simplify your strategy!

Before I get 20 comments on math it is 15% not 30%.
You know you are a negative person in general, just someone that will be alone and in a cave for life, when you read an article that emphasizes, cut your discretionary spending and save money, and instead focus in on PayPal, or Bitcoin is going to zero crap we have heard for years. The point is cut your spending and invest, whether stocks, gold, silver Bitcoin whatever it is. If you missed that point you are just simply a negative person with no friends, and the reason is you are always looking for fault!!! Grow up some of you!


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