Big actors are building opportunities!trading in high-risk areas

BYBIT:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Area 1- It is a very suitable area for short positions (positions contrary to the direction of buying, selling, borrowing or selling short). Why?

A) This area has been a place where the heavy market has started to fall. Undoubtedly, there are many traders in that area who have a Buy position, and probably many of them are also holders and stop lasers, unfortunately ... Friends of these traders are waiting for the market to reach their entry point. Or get close to their point of entry, to get out of the market one by one or with minimal damage, so what happens? Supply at this level will be very high ... (The need to have a stop lap at such times when the market is experiencing a sharp crash or a sharp rise based on unforeseen fundamental events) is strongly felt)

Zone 2 - There is an area where check profits (profit limits) are for those who buy from low prices, ie in the channel of 5 thousand and even lower; friends here is not a place for you to trade at all .. You ask why! Finally, the market is shaking and, for example, the assumption goes to one of the lower or upper levels ... and in any case, it is a good route for trading! But the answer is:

One is that your risk and Ricard will not be appropriate at all (the risk to Ricard in this range is completely 1 to 1)
❌Secondly, even if the market goes in the direction of your prediction, it is likely to be very annoying and stop your stop, then move towards your profit limit! This trade will be very painful;

During the Eid holidays, I said that I hope the global markets, and consequently Crypto Carnation, will be tired and hopeless, given the global holiday conditions.

Dear friends, we never do any trades between levels 1 and 3, and we consider this level to be the forbidden trading range for ourselves (the range indicated by the yellow double-headed arrow).
We are waiting for the market to reach new levels and give new opportunities;

The shape of the market wants to show the rise, but experience has shown us that we are stuck in these situations many times and when we make emotional decisions, it does not have good results for us. Previous post scenarios with this upward wave have not diminished for us at all, and if they do, we will announce them (depending on the cause or change in the global economy).

Of course, in parentheses, I mean not taking high-volume positions, otherwise, as usual, with 10% of the total capital, short-term fluctuations are not the case (only if you have Stop Las and Tick Profit).

Area 3 (and below) is a good place to shop;
Many people who want to buy bitcoin at low prices, and enter the market from this market, also have a good risk and good record. So there is demand pressure in these areas as well.

would like to reiterate that we do not consider the trade between the upper and lower levels to be appropriate at all at the moment!
The reason is that the market will have very volatile and strange movements at these two levels, and our preference is to try to make a profit in these months when the corona and the global recession have sunk the economy and the economy is shrinking, rather than just profit. Let's first preserve the principle of capital and not endanger ourselves unnecessarily. Let's remember that we are in the market for profit, but more than anything we need to keep our capital;

(Introducing the Flower and Nightingale Conditions of Iran in parentheses in parentheses. Don't look at the turbulent, sky-high economy. Like the 2008 crisis, after the crisis in the world and the world economy entered a recession, its effects are new). It will appear on Iran, see how happy we are with the news of the collapse of the Western economy! In 1989, they were just as happy!)

the end, we add that this is the current market situation, and we are currently following this scenario; There is a level, but now is not the time. Because now the waves are really very noisy and fluctuating.

The next 2-3 days are very important in terms of time, and the market can complete its task with several possible scenarios. So with more sensitivity, I and the kids on the team are paying attention to the market.


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