BTC (less speculative) longer-term analysis [UPDATE]

GEMINI:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
BTC have successfully pierced the 10159 USD resistance, and is expected to head gradually towards 11764 USD (by 27Feb20? presently confined within an ascending channel ), if it is able to pierce that level, then there's a potential to seeing a parabolic rise to 20k USD.
The next higher level will be at 14102 and 17058 USD, but those are relatively weak resistance levels.

Follow-up analysis from:

3D Chart:

Weekly Chart:
Comment: But after the more recent "irrational pump", see:

I'd expect a dump coming soon next, lowest to 9300 USD.
That, to me, will be a good opportunity to accumulate even more BTC.
Comment: 15 mins Chart Update:
Comment: Finally, sell signal on Cyber Ensemble is triggered.
PRISM Acceleration/Jerk Ribbon (AJR) is also falling off towards the negative..
Expecting a slight pullback, perhaps down to 9627 USD at the bottom of the channel ahead.
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