i say hAYYYyyyyyy what's goin ONNnnnnn

first of all i hope everyone is okay out there < many opportunities to make money in the markets and, more importantly imo, out of them

time between tops in '21 was 210 days aka 30 weeks

spiral is radius of 210, circle is 30 (with growth multiple of 3.414 applied)

(you have to play with scale and with the diff tfs/time cycle measurements)

markets are fractal , recursive, harmonic ....etc etc etc and this can be expressed geometrically/visually. i think of price action/charts as a purely energetic organism growing

still haven't figured out why 3.414 is so important tho lol (self-similar reproduction aka 1+1+square root 2?)

also formed a bullish butterfly inside a massive bullish shark / cypher ...still bullish tho i didn't think it would go this low...but now maybe we are ready for that bounce i've been talking about ;-)


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