we are looking so πŸ”₯ right now.

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i'm just posting a rough draft of the waves i've been counting since july 20th bottom - i'm going to post the full update when this local move finally puts in wave 5 of wave (1) on a higher degree.

not sure where that's going to be with all these expansions, but i'm not sleeping till we find that top & get my wave 2 pull back πŸ’Έ

that wave 2 pullback is going to be the πŸ”‘ to our future endeavors in this life.

ps. i will be leaving the traditional market as of this post, due to the recent discoveries. consider me in the crypto game full time as of this moment.
Comment: while my impulse idea looks nice and clean, i do have to exercise caution no matter what happens.

be very cautious buying this dip; i've been talking with @unbeldi and i there's a good chance we see new lows from here. view his post via:


I can only imagine the disbelief that the bears are feeling now. Especially those that are waiting on a $10K Bitcoin.
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Eloquent LA_Designer
@LA_Designer, so many expansions! i'm going to keep counting these waves until i find a top of this move
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LA_Designer Eloquent
@Eloquent, Nice work.
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Visitor783 LA_Designer
@LA_Designer, 10k is not gonna happen. But I'm still not convinced this is a trend reversal...up until 42k I personally am with the 🐻s
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Eloquent Visitor783
@Visitor783, i'd sell half my long up there just in case, and if we rip through that target, could always catch another safe setup
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LA_Designer Visitor783
@Visitor783, At some point things top out and bottom out. It already triple bottomed, and if you look at the 9D candle that it is forming, it certainly does not look like it's hitting $10K or $20K this weekend.

STOCH RSI on the weekly is near 0.
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Eloquent LA_Designer
@LA_Designer, @visitor783 - our indicator also called a triple algo buy on the weekly timeframe on july 20th for the first time since the low of the covid drop
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@Eloquent great TA again my friend!
For me the next 2-3 weeks will be critical NYSE, and also will reflected on crypto market. Hope I am wrong, but be careful with BTC, for me this is correction in down trend channel. It's great moment for daily traders in BTC, but not for longer trade.
Indication for me is that BTC the touch 29,5K nd go little down.....
Sorry if I missed something, but what recent discoveries are you referring to?
Eloquent Mossie20
@Mossie20, look at this post for more information - this move up was a trap before the final dip. once we put in that lower low, we ride.

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