January 3 BTCUSD Bybit Chart Analysis

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I will begin BTCUSD Bybit Bitcoin Chart Analysis for January 3.

This is an analysis article as of December 31, 2021.

It is the movement after writing the analysis article.

I marked the main sections with black fingers.

in the strategy
The timing came a little early
Accurately follow the indicated arrow movement path

From short -> long -> short switching

*47515 shot / 500 min profit section
* $47066 long / $ 1474 profit section
* $48536.5 short / $1591.5 profit section
(Because it was a Stop Loss price when it broke the purple support line)
I counted up to the purple support line)

That's a total of $3500 round trip revenue.

Congratulations to all who made a profit.

On weekends, the green support line does not deviate from the danger zone.
ended with a sideway move.

Please check the Gap price in the lower right corner.

Depending on whether there is a retracement coming out this week or not.
The future direction seems to be decided

Do you remember that there was still a gap section in the upper part?

I will look into the details thoroughly.

4 hour chart

I am using it to analyze only the maximum weekly chart.
I'm worried about monthly candles.

The downside is open, until the daily MACD dead cross
It is a very dangerous place to be connected.

As always,
Today, I even included the Gap rollback.
I think it's a particularly great turning point.

Today's approximate top price, bottom price

Check the red up/light blue down movement path

I made today's trading strategy

30 minute chart neutral strategy.

Personally, I focused on the arrow one-way strategy.

It can be very dangerous today,
It's a difficult spot, so I've even marked the additional sky blue finger movement path.

Maybe for a while, until the Real Rebounds comes out again.

It is highly likely that the downward trend will continue.

Failed to break the orange resistance line today -> break the purple support line
There is a high probability that the light blue finger movement will come out, right?
If there is support at the green support line, there is a possibility of a sideways movement.

I think it's a major turning point

Today, we focused on the dangerous section, the gap section, and the green support line.

* When the red arrow moves

Short -> Long Switching Strategy

1) 47489.5 USD short position entry section / Stop loss when breaking the sky blue resistance line

2) $46013 long position switching section / Stop loss when the green support line is broken

47709.5 at the top is a long position target,
If this section is reached, further uptrend may occur.

Those who are maintaining a long position from the current position, check whether the purple support line deviates.

Check if the orange resistance line is broken

I think it would be good to operate it according to the arrow or finger movement path.

The analysis is for reference only.

Don't forget to stop loss in principle

Thank you for reading today.

Trade closed: target reached: Hello

We will check the movement after analyzing the chart on January 3rd.

Yesterday was a one-way neutral strategy.
It was a short -> long switching strategy.

It's coming down well because the recent downtrend has been strong.
Rebound is weak.

According to the arrow moving path,
From the long entry section before breaking out of the purple support line
Orange Resistance Break -> Sky Blue Resistance Short -> Near Gap
to long switching

* $46820 long / $681.5 profit section
* $47489.5 short / $1433 profit section
* 46013 long / 459 dollars in profit

That's about $2500 in total revenue.

Congratulations to all who made a profit

have a good day

thank you

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