Bitcoin - Sideways slightly up for a couple months, zzZZz period

If we agree that we are on an exponential move with a technology adoption curve and unless of course something kills it before (could be).
I think this technology adoption growth will not be a plain s-curve but filled in with multiple minibubbles like we have been observing at 30, 260, 1200 maybe caused by a network effect getting overwhelmingly optimistic with the growing news until it is not susteneable and the posterior deflation as the number of components of the network grows and the previous expectations are being filled with optimism and at the same time the network finds aswell greater problems.
We crossed down the lower Bollinger band on july 2013, that was the moment of maximum despair and surrender and we have just crossed it again a few days ago. Some say that after periods of high volatily, other periods of lower volatiliy come, and we are in that period. It is like after a traumatic event, the big pain has been reducing and we just need a long rest now. Or like a stone on a pond, first ripple was very big, second not su much and we are now on the latest longest and most calmed ripple until the bubble trauma dissapears.
Imo we will have a couple months of lateral movement.