Moving Out Of China is 100% Positive / Bullish For Bitcoin

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This is one of the best things that is happening to Bitcoin since its inception... Moving out of China.

To start, Bitcoin is a decentralized network, having too much of it in one single place is no good for any of us.

Remember that China is a country that is anti-freedom, anti-growth, anti-liberty, etc.
Many companies have been banned in China followed by great success & growth.

Bitcoin is a network/money that is all for FREEDOM, decentralization, growth, liberty, prosperity and more.

Bitcoin moving out of China means that it will be more decentralized, exactly what it was meant to be and exactly what we all want.

60% of the Bitcoin miners were based on China and this is no more...

As China continues with its policies against Bitcoin , we see it moving to other countries, not just one country but many different countries at once.

We see Bitcoin moving to other parts of Asia...
We see Bitcoin moving to South America, Central America and now the USA as well.

This is ULTRA BULLISH , mid and long-term.

Be happy...
This is just another road block that we are coming out ahead.

As soon as Bitcoin and China divorce, we can look at/expect, long-term sustained growth.

Comment: Here is the death cross explained as requested in the comments section:
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AlanSantana newbienxx
@newbienxx, Thanks.

@vernezq, Good to know.

Thanks for your comment.
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100% agree with you. Namaste
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Well said, Alan. Of course we all understand you mean the Communist Party of China, rather than the Chinese people. Communists can not stand the light of individual freedom and empowerment, but they are also full of deceit in manipulating the aspirations of those seeking freedom. So one should watch what they do and ignore what they say, if seeking truth.
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AlanSantana Crypto-Swing
@Crypto-Swing, Yes. Thanks for the correction.
Folks remember we are Bitcoin's #1 Fan and Cheerleader...

Bitcoin | The Future of Money

Wishing you a prosperous week.
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The same news about China has been appearing since 2014 - please google it. How many times can a country shutdown BTC mining. The media just conveniently use that as the reason for BTC going down because they can't print the real headline "smart money sold at the top as usual and let retailers hold the bag in another bull cycle". They always need to give retailers a believable reason to rationalize their losses and find something to blame. Don't believe everything the media publishes.
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AlanSantana fightingdragons
@fightingdragons, We know about the market cycles yet the miners being kicked out is true. The Chinese government is afraid of any technology that can afford its people any type of freedom. Bitcoin = Potential Freedom and Prosperity for many so they are going all out against it.
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They just let anyone write on here lol
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AlanSantana Schmitty69
@Schmitty69, That wouldn't be the case if the website was managed by the Chinese government.
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