Bitcoin Bull Market = Another Bullish Triangle

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MartyBoots here. I have been trading for 13-14 years and I am here to share my ideas with you to help the Crypto space.
Bitcoin Bull Market is here right now
Bitcoin Is Very Bullish right now and will move a lot higher

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very nice and bullish, but there is sure some possibility we make same triangle like on august..i mean, other one,what will send us domn again.. dont You think we should retest atleast those 12k.. and what elections, stock market,covid..not sue if this wont break our neck.. sure for a while,and would be awesome buy opportunity again.. i tuly understand your bullishnes,im too but there is always some fkup... :P
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chartfella CryptoSnoopy
@CryptoSnoopy, Well-said. You're taking into account the variables that will interrupt and catch people unaware.

Must keep eyes open for both sides. Often desires to have the price go up cloud judgment and obscure the peril that is in plain sight.
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MartyBoots chartfella
@chartfella, Yes I agree , If the triangle pattern is bad then we will short
Very good
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MartyBoots farshadnidc
@farshadnidc, Thank you
great work
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@MSHLFX, Thanks Mate
Thx for the insight! You illustrated the large desending triangle that sent btc from 6 to 2 after the first halving event. But you forgot to illustrate the BIG ascending triangle we've been in since march of this year that even further supports your argument.

We've been in one big bull triangle since the 2020 lows post-covid IMHO
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MartyBoots McGorgeous
@McGorgeous, We are in an even bigger one for the last 3 years but thanks for the comment
Thanks for sharing!