Ha, you thought, i was gone and forgotten. Hell no. We just getting started :)

So here we go, another report since JULY lol, damn guys, i have enter the blackhole of blockchain game development and metaverses.

You can learn more on twitter at: https://twitter.com/NexusWars_

So yeah, if anyone still even remember me, i am one man army lol having fun and getting by with the code and fractals.

Since JULY, i was involved in:


I was too busy to do any TA publicly, but trust me, i was hustling just like you.
Regretting missed opportunities, making mistakes, but staying bloody fucking green :)

SO here we are, looking at the barrel of inflation , covid world and praying that the bull channel holds.

So this what i see here:

We are testing 0.382 correction twice, before we try for 70k again, then again we are going to draw down, but correction won't last, and we are going to go higher. I think the bull will last till start of July, after that i am not sure.

I think the yellow brick road is a good example to what i think a bullish scenario going forward will be.

Do i really think we are going to reach 10 trillion by July of 2022 - unlikely, but don't know what will these fractals bring to us.

All i know is this: Only those that hold will find out.

All i know for certain, somehow we are going to touch the V point.

As you can also see, the bears are still aiming back for BTC to go to 30 K and lower.... NOT happening, but sure anything can happen.

As you can see in JULY, the price dropped at the extended bear channel , this often occurs after the bear breakout.

I expect, price to linger right for a little bit, and start moving into the Dec 23-24 again, maybe even earlier if we got some more favorable knows.

Also note, that Elon is starting to have a lesser affect on price volatility on DOGE. CAP matters.
You still need utility, a coin still has to circulate and create an economy, but maybe that is in the future.

I am less active now on TV, because i am too darn busy creating a new scifi world, and think about new ways of interacting on the net, plus life bro.

Trading has changed, i hope you can feel it. IT is a lot more difficult now, rallies don't hold and ppl are getting burned - a lot.

So be careful out there, look for the jewels, they are out there.
Hopefully, i will create one for you all to enjoy as well, as i prepare to announce and release the token this Month.

Cheers :)


I was off by just a few days on July 18, I did say 6 hours is not always accurate. Fear dragged lower, but the sentiment was correct, good luck predicting that with your own TA heh :)

Next, Recovery targets hit as expected, we also broke the bear channel . Which is why we are testing the upper resistance now.

Breakout July 6 was incorrect, price pattern carried in the late july :( We really needed that double bottom for confirmation to lift off. Something that maybe happening again right now.

I was incorrect about ADAM and EVE bottom, it was actually EVE, ADAM pattern.. who knew that will be violently up. heh.

BEAR DID no manifest, thanks god lol, otherwise we be all underwater ha

September and October Fractal was important, it was the bottom for BTC , at least for wave 2.
DIMOND Hands were tested.

Dec 17, 24, 30, Jan 14, 21, Feb 6, Mar 3, 10, 23 Apr 18, Jun 30
March 23 Seems like a breakout action

I am still mega busy lol
So this is going to be my last TA of the year, as i will continue to focus my efforts on releasing the NEXUS WARS related content.

Stay Strong Crypto Family. Don't let big institutions take your Sats .
and Happy 2022! The year of the TIGER! So fight one!

BLUE = Bear/Resistance || Yellow = Bull/ Support
Lines: Fractal dates are moments of interest, where price and time collide to create oscillation.
the chart for possible scenarios of price actions - use zoom and scroll for better view.~

/*This information is not a recommendation to buy or sell. It is to be used for educational purposes only.*/

Feel free to request: your coin to be analyzed! Please keep those Stop losses in place or mind!

Thank you, and stay strong my fellow CryptoPunks!
Future belongs to the brave, and crypto is the future.
So, it appears that trend has ended, easy money are over. Now there will be a stage of winners and losers. Good luck everyone.

Thank you for your support in my efforts to better understand: financial chart behavior and Fractal Universe.

ajion.co - My Fractal Research Hub
vie.digial - My webaverse project VIE token
https://twitter.com/NexusWars_ - My NFT game build on NXS

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