Bitcoin 500k Cycle Fixed (LUNA Leverage) + Bitcoin Mining Stocks

ill keep it short, remove the Luna leverage creating a massive short squeeze followed by a long squeeze we have almost completed the expected 686 - 707 Day Bear market Bull market confirming by Jan 2023 with a historic pattern repeating the price to 500k (Indicated by the blue pattern lines replicating what should have happen without Luna)

Opportunities? Look how cheap well managed Bitcoin mining companies are with balances they never had to sell, this is especially something that can create leverage plays on top of Bitcoins price, the collapse and bankruptcy of the other Bitcoin miners might have just marked the short term Bottom.
HIVE Blockchain -87.03% Change (1 year) Market cap: $0.23 Billion (USD)
30 Sep 2020 | 55.1 P/E Ratio
5 Nov 2022 | 4.41 P/E Ratio
Hut 8 Mining -85.24% Change (1 year) Market cap: $0.42 Billion (USD)
31 March 2020 | 38.8 P/E Ratio
5 Nov 2022 | -17 P/E Ratio
Riot Blockchain -82.30% Change (1 year) Market cap: $0.96 Billion (USD)
30 Sep 2021 | 233.6 P/E Ratio
5 Nov 2022 | -2.6 P/E Ratio
Grayscale Bitcoin Trust -74.93% Change (1 year) Market cap: $2.15 Billion
3 Nov 2022 -36.29% Discount/Premium to NAV
This just covers same basics of my research would need videos to properly present it, take a look around at these unheard of discounts that leverage on top of the BTC price hell you could even purchase LEAPS on most of the mining companies.
Meanwhile in Narnia land people are searching for Alt coins to make returns you could easily open your eyes and see the opportunities right in front of you here with extreme P/E discounts, but like always it will be the future around 2025 and obvious when these miners end up having market caps like Gold Miners these are almost a 100x Leverage play on Bitcoin hell you could even get it to 400x with calculated LEAPS. Talk about an opportunity this risk to reward just blows my mind

(Disclaimer I do own and are actively collecting listed miners after heavily checking their financials I do believe they are three most well managed mining companies that exist right now)
Update - FTX Exchange having insolvency issues forced to sell their Bitcoin holdings haha this is a repeat of MT Gox, getting handed opportunities to accumulate left right and center
News Update - Alameda / FTX was even bigger than LUNA propping up the market creating this false second rise, have to say did not see this coming that FTX was actually bigger than Luna's involvement in this situation.

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