Can We Buy Bitcoin Now? Is The Bottom In Yet?

AlanSantana Updated   
As we have a new low many people are already wondering if the bottom is in, again...

Patience is key.

Wait for the weekly candle close, minimum.
The same goes for today, short-term.

Once a move starts to develop, it takes time before its final form shows up.

Since we've been expecting a major crash like this one for many months, we can say that the bottom is not yet in, there is more to come.

Patience is key...

If you want the full details about Bitcoin's bottom, see the chart below from December 20221

(Dec. 4, 2021)

And this one...

Feel free to leave a comment with your questions.

Thank you for reading.

Back in November 2018 we had a similar pattern... It took 5 weeks after breakdown for the bottom to be set.

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