BTCUSD: Potential White/Aqua LOWER B-Bands NEXT 4-Day Candle

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Hi Everyone! As mentioned LAST week (November 19th and 20th); we could see the B-Band basis in the NEXT weekly candle around $51K. Well, we are in that "NEXT" weekly candle NOW. It's important to point out we COULD continue falling to the White/'Aqua LOWER B-Bands in the 4-Day time frame; which would be a normal correction percentage drop for Bitcoin during a Long Term Bull Trend.

Could we be on the verge of Long Term Distribution? (Some might ask)... Sure, that is POSSIBLE. However, we do not KNOW this yet. The Long Term Group of time frames still suggest we have more room for continued upward pressure. I'm of the opinion we may see an event somewhat similar to the February/March, 2020 COVID drop. Which could shake out weak hands if we were to follow up similar with an immediate Mark-Up without taking time out for Re-Accumulation in similar fashion to March, April and May, 2020. A lot of people were screaming we were falling into long term distribution then. However, that was not the case. The composite groups simply through in a period of Re-Distribution during our Long Term Accumulation Schematic. Could this be the case again? In which the Composite Groups are creating a schematic to look somewhat similar to falling into Long Term Distribution but it get quickly rejected by following up with an immediate Mark-Up without taking the time for a period of Re-Accumulation before seeing a substantial mark-up? This may end up being the case.

I'm also keeping an eye on a couple of Big Tech stocks to get an idea of what could be playing out and see what affect (if any) this could have on the Crypto Currency Market.

I'm going to be super busy with this last big push in creation of Educational Content. I'm about to work on videos for opening a margin long <OR> buying outright as a Day Trader, Swing Trader and Investor (3 separate videos). THEN create three more videos on opening a margin short <OR> selling outright as a Day Trader, Swing Trader and Investor. This will require a LOT of my time over the next couple of days.

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!

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Current price of the White/Aqua LOWER B-Bands in the 4-Day time frame.
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8 hours 40 minutes remaining in the Black Friday Sales Event. This awesome discount is about to run out... Just reminding you...


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