It Looks Pretty Bullish To Me | Bitcoin Update

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
Just a quick update following up on yesterday's trade idea.

Bitcoin is now within a bullish pattern shown as a bull flag and moving above EMA100.

It can easily continue growing from this point.

If it drops, support is found above $31300.
The next target short-term is $33,333 and beyond.

See my previous trade idea for higher targets (scroll down to "related trade ideas" below).

Thank you for reading.


If in your path at any point you are feeing left out or lost...

There is no need to feel discouraged,
There is no need to contemplate or wonder about the worst.

How did you make it to purchase/acquire food when there was no money at all?

How were you able to stand up when you had zero support?

Once you are on the path, nothing is really hard anymore.

Now you have many tools, you have experience to right the wrong.

If at any time you believe things become too hard...
You can no longer keep going ahead.

Take a moment to relax and think about where you were on the first day.

Everything was so much harder.
Most of it seem impossible but you got it done.

Whenever you are having a hard time...
Just go back to basics... THINK OF DAY ONE!

Start doing everything you did to get from nothing to light and love.

Focus on your studies, on your health, on your own personal body, mind and growth.

Focus on meditation, visualization and everything changes...

Focus on meditation and soon enough you will be back on the flow.

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Are we off to the moon again? I'm kidding. I don't care. At this point I have no options other than dump everything or Hodl into 2022.
I like your idea though. The layman in me has learned a few things and what you say seems sensible.
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Thank you for update. You are the best )
I don't think it's bullish but time will tell.