BTC - Was It a Fork or a Spooning?

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I'm amazed at the how people trade on Hope and not the charts. You would think after all the hype running up to the fork that the announcement would be a crushing blow to BTC'. Many trade on feelings and emotions when the market has clearly gone elsewhere. Just look at the gains in the past couple of days for BTC's largest competitor BCH', LTC' or DASH'. Yes these coins COMPETE directly with BTC'. But some are so emotionally attached to BTC' they cannot let go. What do I mean by that? I took a look at the B2X futures this morning and to my surprise they are up trading at $540! Are you kidding me? Did they not get the memo? Is the rumor the fork is happening anyways really true? Is this part of a broader conspiracy for those in control to just reach into the pockets of us average joe's and clean us out by releasing a headline tomorrow the fork is back on? Yes there was a report of a rogue forking going to happen, but seriously $540?

Now I want to be clear as all get out, I AM NOT TELLING YOU TO SELL BTC'! But what we have is the final leg of an extended top in my opinion. I still do not like the count that has us in a wave 5 from a wave 4 in Sept, so I'm sticking with the bubble top, and the fact that people still feel that somehow B2X is going to be worth anything is beyond me. If they do come out and announce the fork is back on, I think this will do more damage then good. People will lose faith in the currency. They will feel that the powers that be are manipulating as much or even more than the central banks. I do not see it happening but you never know.

The 3.618 extension from wave "w" (the small w) is almost exactly where we peaked! $7835. Coincidence? Maybe, but not to me. What seemed highly unlikely only a couple of days ago is now more likely, but as my buddy MarcPmarkets mentioned in his latest chart, there needs to be a catalysts. Well the catalysts may just be the final realization for some that the fork is dead! I have labeled the extended top which has almost to the numbers hit the Fibb levels expected. In my opinion we just completed the 5th wave of this extension or bubble as we posted a comparison to the bio tech bubble. But bio tech just isn't as emotionally attaching as Bitcoin . Bitcoin is for many their baby! Yes I like Amgen but it does not have the same feel. So it could be expected that this is just a blow off of bubbles like non before. After all this is the greatest thing to currency since the chinese came up with bank notes 600 years ago.

The first correction is the short term (v) correction which it appears we are hitting. We will likely see a bounce back from this, but the overall bubble correction levels are labeled in blue and I feel we see those sooner than later. Maybe at the date Segwit2x was supposed to happen. But we still have that longer term correction cycle I have spoken about and at this point it almost lines up perfectly with wave "W" the large one. Typical ABC' long term correction. But first we must break the channel, once this is broken we can look for a pullback to the $4855-$6000 range. This could be all she wrote but a breakdown through $4855 puts $3200 in play and at that point I will be backing up the truck.

Market corrections are not only healthy but necessary for equities to move higher. Once we correct I assume as long as the mining pools don't screw it up, we head higher from there. $10k-11k is definitely a valid target point. We have been in a rotation not bull, and the rotation is now out of BTC'.

So what looked like a free meal may be the final start to the correction we have anticipated. Does it happen. Well nobody knows for sure, after all it is Bitcoin . And though I would not be opening any long positions here, I would not be shorting it either. Many fell into the fomo and instead of eating steak with a fork, they may end up sipping soup from a spoon!

Dian I hope I have enough fibb up there ;)

Nov 10
Comment: Just one clarification the large III should be at the top of the chart. Sorry!
Do you still think we are due for a second leg of correction further down, now that we have broken several important resistances?
So it seems it's after correction...
I moved BCH from 1900 to BTC at $5600..what do you think? Instead of USDT I thought this is safer and maybe BTC is already a good 30% down from $7900
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goldbug1 imkeshav
@imkeshav, Great JOb!
Everyone must read this. It will save your ass. You are correct about bitcoin price going down yes, However I want to educate some of the newbie bitcoin investors. Bitcoin was created with a 1mb blockchain in the beginning with intensions to increase the 1mb as needed (well the time was needed long ago and instead of BTC increasing the block size to what should be atleast 5mb by now they actually hacked up bitcoin by removing the signature out of the transaction. (this gave about a extra 1/4 avaialable again of the block size. (tey called this segwit. So before bitcoin did this there was a fork from develpopers and supporters that were against this and instead wanted to follow original satashi protocol and leave bitcoin as it was includin the signatures in the transaction and increase the block size to 8mb. This is trading as bitcoin cash. The 8mb block size allows transactions to go through immediatly. No waiting hours. The only reason bitcoin (BTC) got segwit inmplimented is because of greedy miners. Now lets let them greedy bastards burn and the original bitcoin is coming up. Bitcoin cash. just look at the price its sky rocketing ready to creep up and take over. In the past few days it has tripled in price. I hope this helps and if it does please donate BTC to this address: 1EpHP7tucMTHy7HDzHVu3M9FRVcyJbFB6k

Thank You, I hope this info saves you lots of time and money
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@orripid, Bitcoin Cash is the real bitcoin!

But plz donate me Bitcoin, not bitcoin cash, hehe
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devilninja777 devilninja777
@devilninja777, And hey @goldbug1 :)

I do agree with your chart / analysis
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goldbug1 devilninja777
@devilninja777, Devil I am marking this on the calendar!!! LOL Thanks for commenting!
@orripid, Thank you for the comment!
Ralebr orripid
@orripid, why BCH doesn´t yet have a paper wallet?