BTCUSD: Keep Eye On Short Term Group Pressure Races

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Hi Everyone! Simply pointing out we currently have upward pressure on-going in the Short Term Group of time frames (30-min. 60-min. 90-min. 2-hr. 3-hr. 4-hr. 6-hr. and 8-hr.). Why should we watch these cascading Upward Pressure Races unfold in the Short Term Group and continue running up into the 12-hour and 24-hour in the Near Term Group of time frames? I mentioned the 3-Day Red RSI in the video will likely close below level 50 on THIS 3-Day candle. Which will trigger downward pressure. HOWEVER, that downward pressure can be CANCELED if the Green EMA turns up; the Red RSI makes contact with the Green EMA "while" it's turning up; to indicate UPWARD pressure. HOWEVER, it's important we still have the Red RSI and Blue LSMA still up high above Level 50 in the Short Term Group of time frames in order for that Downward pressure to be CANCELED in the 3-Day time frame. If that were to occur, we would have a good chance of seeing the Green EMA in the NEXT Weekly Candle turn UP. As Andrew Cardwell would say, "We don't know what we don't know until we know it." LOL...

If the scenario previously mentioned were to work out, this would mean $51,000 was averted (for now) and the price action may go sideways at worst and upward at best in the Near Term Group of time frames.

PS - Be Mindful the B-Bands in the 12-hour time frame are contracting. Which means they will soon get to a point in which they either go sideways for a while or begin expansion rather quickly. We like seeing contracting B-Bands that are this contracted in this high of a time frame (12-hour). We know to expect expansion at some point. When we get it, we need to make sure we are on the right side of expansion. HOW? By paying close attention to what level the Red RSI and Blue LSMA are at expansion <AND> are the Red RSI and Blue LSMA going ABOVE level 50 or are they going BELOW level 50 at the time of expansion? Be mindful of potential traps. Whether they be bull or bear traps.

I'll stop babbling...

Happy Trading and Stay Awesome!

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BTCUSD: Be MINDFUL of Blue LSMA in 12-hour and 24-hour