BTCUSD Short Term Update

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Bearish Gartley Pattern completed.
Cypher Pattern is almost completed (Leg D is the next one up).
Triangle Pattern is 50% completed. Look how the local ABC waves are placed perfectly along the 12345 legs.

It might do a correction (Local leg AB) before going further down and completing the Cypher Pattern .

Currently status: Hold.

Long Term: It is still above the Gann arcs - > I'm still Long. This is explained here:

Comment: Local leg A done, Local leg B next.
Comment: Local leg B seems to be done already, and local leg C could be triggered anytime soon.
Comment: Local leg C done, Cypher pattern completed, Long entry triggered.


Nice prediction system sir!
Keep it updated whenever possible please :)

Where can I find the Gann arcs tool?
Many thanks!
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Steffro talinito
@talinito, Thank you!
I will do a new update very soon.

The Gann Arc tool is named "Gann Square" and you find it at the same place as the "Pitch Fork" (number three on the toolbar). I usually remove the grid and also the fan if not needed.

Good luck!
Good prediction, bu I still not sure. How we can be sure that leg C is done and all formation is not a flat with 3-3-5 ?
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Steffro KotCrypto
@KotCrypto, descending rectangle could happen, but the cypher pattern should give a small squeeze anyway I think. Especially now when the last leg on the cypher pattern (leg D) is very straight and precisely.
I think it is too early speaking about the triangle
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