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Now that Bitcoin has broken the 0.618Fib we can go over the second path evolving for Bitcoin , in my previous TA I went over the idea of a V shape recovery like Covid March 2020 or a much longer recovery coming down to 0.75 Fib , it now seems highly unlikely that we have a V shape recovery and the idea of lengthen cycle theory seems more likely. This analysis is invalidated as soon as bitcoin breaks and closes under the last blue line of support at 0.75 FIb.

Market Bottom

Using Fibonacci Resistance Fan and Gann Fan when could speculate a time frame and price for a market bottom. The timeframe would be July 1 to 21 at around 26000-28000 Dollars. The red dotted line within this time frame would be 0.5 Fib fan which has been a Fib that has had a lot of reaction points this bullrun.

Momentum Shift
Starting September 18 we will start to see a momentum shift to the upside if bitcoin has held the 0.75 fib.

Vertical Fibonacci Resistance Fan (0.75) ends -September 18 (Blue dotted line )
Gann Fan 8/1 ends -October 11 (Pink dotted line )
Fibonacci Time Zone -October 6 (Red dotted line)

Once we break the 8/1 Gann Fan ratio and the Vertical 0.75 Fib Fan we can then leave behind some major resistance.

Cycle Peak Zone 1
Fibonacci Time Zone = 10th January 2022
Fibonacci level 0.5
Fibonacci log growth 150000

I go over in detail here
Cycle Peak Zone 2

I have not looked into things much past January 2022 but I do get a lot of Fib Time Zones around that time so I thought I would add this potential lengthening cycle peak.

Red Circles

First red circle is a potential date when we would reach an all time high again or close to it at around 60000 Dollars.

Second red circle is the Cycle top peak 1 at 150000 Dollars

Third red circle Cycle Peak 2 at 170000 Dollars

Below I will include a previous TA going over this long recovery process.

Comment: Taking a deeper look into "Market Bottom" phase

Comment: Updated version
Trade active: The bottom is most likely in
Comment: Forces of nature act in a mysterious manner. We can but solve the mystery by deducing the unknown result from the known results of similar events.

-Mahatma Gandhi
Comment: We are approaching 8/1 Gann Ratio take a look

Comment: Very important moment with Bitcoin we are knocking on the 8/1 Gann ratio right now check out the TA above
Comment: Right the Final 8/1 Gann ratio is left , now the previous TA was showing that we broke it but that TA was using the low of 30k which technically wasnt the low it was 28k 2weeks after , I used it becuase i was getting alot of short term reactions off it but to see a big marco move this is the last 8/1 we have to break , also at the time of this TA Bitcoin roadmap 28k was not hit yet.

Comment: As expected massive event on the 8/1 Gann Fan massive rejection and 10k dump .
Comment: second attempt at the 8/1 Gann! take a look!