Bitcoin Capitulation Chart for Historical Record 2019

BITSTAMP:BTCUSD   Bitcoin / U.S. Dollar
When price makes contact with that brighter yellow ring we will be dropping to make new lows around 2k - 2.5k. I am expecting this will take place sometime between late July and early Sep 2019.


You must be the lord of rings
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@L0GIC, that is correct :)
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If you adjust this ring so that the bottom of the candles are actually touching the ring you will see that we already passed your "ring of capitulation" and nothing happened.
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speedovic theeverythingbubble
you get no answer ! LOL
cicatriz theeverythingbubble
SamiiRosado theeverythingbubble
@theeverythingbubble, this comment didn't age well. LOL
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elfavorito theeverythingbubble
@theeverythingbubble, Click load new bards and check it out now
ShortTheWorld theeverythingbubble
@theeverythingbubble, No shit. This guy is a fucking idiot. He thinks fib rings work. He was calling for capitulation back in late June too. What a goof.
Hah! Many would love ro see BTc around 2.5k to buy in, but those days are over. Doubt we will even see 6.5k anytime this year.
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Same analysis but completely different conclusion

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