Bitcoin’s Goldilocks Moment: Harvest Corn Moon & The Bears Lose

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On the eve of the July Blood Moon, while having the honor of delivering The Procession of the Feast Upon Virgins at the Church of Poomoji in honor of our Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji I was stricken with a vision. I may have been stricken with more than just a vision but the Doc prescribed me some penicillin for that but that is another story and he didn't give me any TA or a chart to trade; nevermind.

Earlier in the evening I realized that I had definitely taken way too many of those weird little mushrooms. The Tequila was not sitting very well in my stomach. At the height of the lunar eclipse, when I should have been focused and enjoying my role as Head Dickcheese of The Procession of the Feast Upon Virgins, I had to excuse myself from the main Hall of the Church of Poomoji and I found refuge in a nearby vestibul. With swirling head, and sweating back teeth and sweet mouth, I thought I might heave my holy communion. I thought to myself that there was no way I was going to waste those shrooms and Tequila heaving.

So, I sat down on the floor in an attempt to stop the small room from spinning only to find that made it worse. The frescoes of Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji and his thirteen Turdciples painted on the walls danced and laughed at me. I had to lie down. Once I did, I noticed the vestibule had a small domed ceiling and the entrance doors and hallways on either side both had domed rather than square shapes. The shape of the vestibule and doorways and connecting halls appears almost as if I was looking up into the head of the vestibule and the doorways and connecting hallways were the shoulders. Though, it could have just been my altered state, I felt as if I was looking into the Mind of The ceiling was adorned with a fresco of green and red rectangles and they too danced and laughed at me whilst I lie prone in my stupor and freshman level drunkspin. Then before my eyes the ceiling fresco came to life with a rainbow of colored lines all seemingly racing one another as if trying to find some goal or finish line; yet none was apparent or visible to me.

The din of the laughter of the wall frescoes of Poomoji, the 13 Turdciples and the Prophets of Poo thundered in a booming crescendo that startled me. The geometric performance of the fresco on the domed ceiling in the vestibule started to take on an almost logical and numerical order. As the green and red rectangles started dancing in a more orderly fashion it was apparent they were competing for control. The rectangles started lining up as if they were soldiers. Green and then red and then a few greens and a couple reds and then a green and a few reds; all up and down and up and down as they competed for control of the mean and median. As I became more aware of my surroundings I noticed the red and green rectangles had assembled similarly on the domed ceilings of the connecting hallways and through the domed doorways across the domed ceiling of the vestibule. As I watched the two armies of red and green rectangles compete for control of the mean and median, out of nowhere all of the random lines of varying colors started tracking the green and red rectangles and in a thunderous boom I could clearly see I was being delivered a sacred vision from Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji. I realized I was being blessed by Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji and being shown a vision of the future price of Bitcoin .

I startled to my feet and ran to my chambers and started quick with ink, pen and quill and brush and paint to document this sacred vision. After realizing that was an incredibly painstaking process and I was little too high and drunk to draw or paint I questioned why I wasn’t charting this and attempting some shitty TA on this grand vision on the short term future price of Bitcion. So, I grabbed my laptop and furiously tried to document the performance of the frescoes in the vestibule.

Once done, I questioned the validity of the vision. How could this be? A head and shoulders pattern is only valid on a long bullish run and the price trend of Bitcoin has been bearish . It is not our role to question the Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji. So, I continued charting the Bitcoin vision I was blessed with. I resigned myself that this invalid head and shoulders must be a miracle of Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji. Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji’s miracles are always shitty with a silver lining.

As if the horror could not get any worse, as I continued charting this vision of the price of Bitcoin I had to rub my eyes. Oh the horror, to see that the future beholds an invalid bearish head and shoulders pattern but even worse it will test the neckline and descend in a lower ring of crap that tightens into a bearish symmetrical triangle right at the tail end of a nine month bearish descending triangle from the beginning of the year.

Oh the horror that my vision entails three bearish patterns all leading to September 24th. A vision as horrendous as the end of the world should no one bear; especially considering how wasted I was.

Why September 24th, 2018 though? What is so special about Sep 24th, 2018? My mind raced, my palms sweat and I think I might have sharted my pants when I realized the vision I was blessed with from Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji is not a curse, it is not a horror but rather a gift.

So, I began trying to align the fates alongside the charts and here is what I have discovered.

At 10:52 PM on September 24, 2018 there will be a full Moon . More importantly, that full Moon is called the Full Corn Moon because it corresponds with the time of harvesting corn . This year the Full Corn Moon is also a Harvest Moon because it falls nearest the autumnal equinox.

What are the odds that Bitcoin is affably referred to as Corn and when Bitcoin’s price goes up it is affably referred to as Mooning. While one may consider this a coincidence there is no coincidence but only fate and destiny in the words and teachings of Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji.

Though I was filled with consternation at the term Harvest and my analysis led my mind to believe this meant a sell off of Bitcoin but upon further meditation and reflection I now believe it means increased buying. When one harvests corn they are gathering it, collecting it, taking ownership of it, possessing it, storing it, consuming it and using it as a commodity of tangible trade. In great elation, I realized this may be the Moon run of Corn as people Harvest it for themselves; the start of a Bitcoin Bull Run.

So, I analyzed the meaning, superstitions and even how people who farm and live off the land use the phases of the September Moon and lo and behold some more interesting patterns emerged. According to the “Old Farmer’s Almanac”, September 9th through the 24th are the best days for fishing. Based on the chart I derived from my vision the price of Bitcoin from September 9th through September 24th will be in a short term bearish symmetrical triangle on the daily and at the tail end of a long term descending triangle on the yearly from the Bitcoin ATH after having exited an invalid bearish head and shoulders on the daily.

The fifth point is worth exam before wrapping this analysis up. There is a saying, “Two wrongs make a right.” that is a fallacy of relevance and therefore we have proverb “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”. So, does that mean three wrongs don’t make a right or can the opposite? What about the three bearish patterns all merging in time and space? Would that not indicate an absolute negative outcome or would it indicate the opposite and signal a reversal?

What do three bearish patterns all merging have to do with the future price of Bitcoin? What does Corn have to do with Bitcoin? What does Fishing have to do with Bitcoin? What does a Harvest have to do with Bitcoin? What does the Moon have to do with Bitcoin? Oh the confusion.

Consider the opposite and that three wrongs may make a right for an incredible number of non-correlating reasons.

The Chicago Cubs mascot is a Bear. There is a long running historical joke about the Chicago Cubs never being able to win another World Series. There was a long running somewhat joking assumption that the Bitcoin Bears would never have another Championship; though everyone was wrong.

The Chicago Cubs won back-to-back World Series championships in 1907 and 1908, becoming the first Major League club to play three times in the Fall Classic and the first to win it twice. However, the Cubs would not win another World Series until 2016; this remains the longest championship drought in North American professional sports.

The three Bearish patterns are three strikes out.

Therefore, the Bitcoin Bear Run Championship ends and it is now the Bulls up to bat.

My mind was in a ball of confusion, I could not gather the logic and reason to figure out what this all means! Then as if by some blessing from Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji I was struck with a moment of enlightenment it came to me; actually I just passed out on the floor and woke up a bit more sober. Anyway, in my newly enlightened being state I realized the following.

Corn is Bitcoin and Bitcoin is Corn . Commodity.
Fishing is Trading and Trading is Fishing. Long.
Harvesting Corn is Corn Harvesting. Buying.
Moon is Price and Price is Moon. Up.
Three Wrongs Make a Right. The Bitcoin Bulls are up to bat.

Wait you say? In consternation you are thinking, “The title of this chart says “Bitcoin’s Goldilocks Moment” and all this Toasthead has done is ramble about some Poopgod, visions and then started rambling about the Chicago Cubs has he gone insane?”

No, I was probably already insane, but I will address Bitcion’s Goldilock’s Moment.

Based on my intoxicated visions, blessings from Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji, an expensive over-education in nonsense (Philosophy to be precise) and an inordinate amount of time to waste on my imagination I have come to the conclusion that Bitcoin will reach bottom at either 5,900; although it may touch 4,200 or even 3,100 but that is not very significant difference range in consideration of of the all time high of 20,000. A move from 6k or 5.9k down to 3.1 k is only a 10% from an already 70% bottom. That is peanuts in the scope of things. Rather, price is going to finish the right shoulder of the invalid Head & shoulders then it is going to march down to the 5K range and try to test the neckline of the invalid Head & Shoulders and fail. Once it fails to test the invalid neckline, price will range and tighten in a short term symmetrical triangle on the daily into the descending triangle on the weekly chart from the all time high.

This is a three strikes out and end of the Bitcoin Bear’s Championship is Bitcoin’s Goldilock’s moment. It marks the start of Bitcoin’s next Goldilocks market. A Goldilocks moment is when a Goldilocks economy or market starts. The Bitcoin Bears will be away and not home and the corn porridge will be just right.

A Goldilocks economy or market is one in which it is neither hot nor cold. The Bitcoin economy will be neither hot nor cold. Price will climb with moderate growth but sustain because the inflation rate will slow. Price growth will climb moderately but strongly through 2018 into 2019 until it reaches a new ATH during the first week of January 2019. The real world fiat economy will experience a slowdown of growth, increased inflation and monetary policy will not positive. According to the Economist, the year 2017 is seen by some as being the new peak of a Goldilocks economy. What goes up must come down and what goes down must come up.

Now, I hate to be the bearer (pun intended) of bad news, but according to Madam Zoe we will not see a parabolic move until first quarter of March 2019. A Goldilocks market is not one of parabolic moves but it sets the stage for a parabolic move which is usually the tail end of a Goldilock’s market. Just look at the SPX if you want to see a Goldilocks market that has led into what is a parabolic state for the SPX if you consider that it doesn’t trade 18 hours each day when the market is closed (sure after hours whatever), it doesn’t trade weekends or holidays and they can halt trading. Compress out all that time the market is dormant and the chart looks parabolic considering the nature of the index.

So, when Parabolic Moon instead of Harvest Moon or Goldilocks Moon? Ahh, you have to ask Madam Zoe for she had the vision of Bitcoin at $42,000 in 2019!

Safe trading Bulltards, Bearturds and Whalefarts! May the Nope Be with You!

May All Your Turds Be Blessed,
Lord Toast Head of Church of Poomoji

P.S. Obviously this is more creative writing than TA. So, if you you would like a blessing from the Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji then please send a donation to one of the addresses below and a message. As a dedicated disciple and follower I will deliver the donation and your blessing. All donations will go to spreading the great word of Poomoji and teaching all to be as shitty to one and all.


BTC: 36dQYN6g9b4HZGLEoo5bPvV6MDzKRM99J4
LTC: Nope.
ETH: What don't you understand about nope.
BCH: Definitely nope! Eat a dick.
Trade active: Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji hath compelled me to take a long position at 6285.

The 10 Toilet Paper Commandments of the Church of Poomoji state that one shall not waste ones hard earned stripper tips on the roll of three dice! Rather, just as one would grab a strippers ass with both hands thereby allowing all 10 fingers to really get a good feel for the merchandise, one should take a dump when they have the opportunity and set their Holy Wiping Toilet Paper targets across 10 orders. This is thine grist for thine wheel, this is thine daily booze, hooker and coke money!

Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoj has a proverb, "The blacker da berry, da sweeter the juice." To the uninitiated that may sound like fruit, or the nether regions of a fine sassy lassie but nope and more nope rather it means that without the patience to allow life to ripen and sweeten one lives a sour life. Damn that shithead is a smart MF'er! Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoj would not let us miss out on prophets!

The Holy Wiping Toilet Paper Targets: 1% to 5% over average price for 50% to 75% of position and then 6% to 10% over average price for 25% to 40% of position. This is the holy wiping so be it it is said it is said it is.

Blacker da Berry Sweeter da Juice Targets: All or some of the remainder of position after the Holy Wiping.
Sweet Berry 1: 6.5
Sweet Berry 2: 6.8
Sweet Berry 3: 7.1

If that works out I am going to short the fucker probably.

Safe trading Bulltards, Bearturds and Whalefarts! May the Nope Be with You!

May All Your Turds Be Blessed,
Lord Toast Head of Church of Poomoji
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA wow, what a post!
@mark2481, First, thank you kindly Mark. I am glad you enjoyed my post. Please follow and like. I would love nothing more than spread the Shitty Word of the Our Saviour and Great Lord the Great Poomoji.

Second, did you check out the Bitcoin $42,000, Madam Zoe the Psychic and a Cup and Handle linked above? The link is above and if you don't become a convert to the Church of Poomoji (http://www.churchofpoomoji.com - site coming soon) then you will at least be entertained. I do believe it is actually much more entertaining because it is somewhat partially potentially maybe somewhat based on possible events that may or may not have occurred though could easily have occurred at someplace at some point in some time.

Third, how unreasonable is my analysis vs random walk or efficient market? Honestly, it is a valid debate. It is said 90% of analysts are wrong, but that statistics is not even a statistic as generally quoted statistics are 100% wrong. Most analysts are 99% wrong. I wonder do they deserve a red balloon?

Fourth, while I know I am not doing traditional TA, I would like to think my TA is more entertaining and littered not only with actual analytical clues but also with all kinds of wonderfully entertaining literary, philosophical, religious, current events and modern culture Easter Eggs. Life should be fun, otherwise it is shitty. So, investing should be fun, otherwise it is shitty. Therefore, charting and TA should be fun otherwise it is shitty.

Fifth, so while this all sounds like insanity, I have actually been profiting both on long and short positions doing my TA and charting this way. Yes, I know that is hard to believe. It must be impossible right. I swear I have been working with 1.1 BTC starting right around 7/15 I have made .7469 BTC so far. Of course I have had losses, but I cut my losses usually around the 3% mark because the average volatility is usually just under that. So, if price moves against me by 3% o 4% then I know for sure I am on the wrong side of the toilet.

Anyway, thank you and....

Safe trading Bulltards, Bearturds and Whalefarts! May the Nope Be with You!

May All Your Turds Be Blessed,
Lord Toast Head of Church of Poomoji
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