Bitcoin Longs At All Time High!

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Looking at the chart of Bitcoin longs, we can see that the number of traders holding long positions has reached an all-time high of 105,000. This indicates that market sentiment is currently bullish, with traders expecting the price of Bitcoin to continue to rise in the near future.

However, it's important to note that high long positions don't necessarily mean that the market will continue to move in one direction. It's possible that some traders may take profits or close their positions, including exchanges, hedge funds, whales, ect which could lead to a short-term price correction.

As such, traders should remain vigilant and keep an eye on key support and resistance levels on the chart, I have identified a few KEY LEVELS to hold: 1) 24.3, 2) 23.3-23.1, and 3) 22.5. Pay attention for these potential corrections as well as any potential market-moving events that could impact the price of Bitcoin. Keep in mind FED Minutes are Wednesday the 22nd.

Overall, while high long positions may be a positive signal for Bitcoin and my bias is extremely bullish.The Super Guppy Indicator was mentioned in TV news today and if you are familiar with it, its almost a self fulfilling prophecy. If these resistances on bitcoin or alts are broken, expect explosive upward movement as there is little to no resistance especially on ALT coins. Stay Cozy frens, for now our Bera brethren are still hibernating

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