The Whales Are Shorting

While both shorts and longs are irresponsibly high, the shorts are holding like an iron tower in anticipation of the death cross. I believe the market is turning, but I'm going to wait for this chart to change before I buy..


can you please explain to me like im a 10 years old what $20000 means in btc shorts? thanks
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the market is sick sometimes, it's ridiculous the idea of crossing two lines to decide that the btc goes to zero, just because that's happened before... it's the same as saying, that if two lines cross in a graph, the dollar will be worth zero and the Chinese currency will dominate the world '-'
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I think they sold too early... Mkt will short squeeze them before takes the turndown course
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Imo, a short squeeze is coming, the last time btcusdshorts was at an all time high similar to this was march 2020. Prices rallied hard since then.
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what does the BTCUSD shorts represent? because it shows that 61% of traders are long on bitfinex else where online
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What fud coming weds to take down market whales shorting and paying for fud. So I say fud them buy and hodl
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