BTC shorts on top - Bye bears

Hey everyone ,

As we can see in chart , BTC short positions are same level with march 2020. I am expecting all the short levels will close and BTC shorts will re bounce from top. We all know what happened after 2020 march. We can see same scene. Whales have plans. Waiting this short levels to get this high might be a one plan. We all watch :) Hope bears leave their game to bulls now on.


Wait doesn't the high short positions indicate that BTC is gonna crash? The red candles/closed shorts indicate recovery, do you get it the other way?
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Well I see this being very bullish, or am I wrong? Shorts have impact on the market when they are opened, right? THats the moment when you defacto sell bitcoin. But with that amount of opened shorts market still raises, it means that the bull power is even stronger And! This wall of shorts menas that there will be huge byuing at the end, cause what is left for these individuals who opened these huge shorts, they have to buy back regardless!
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Hi, I'm really slow. So when do these shorts that started on 7th and 9th expire?
atricoz NineLynx
@NineLynx, there isn't an expiration date. They will be closed manually due to a stop loss or by liquidation.
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underwun atricoz
@atricoz, Hi and thx in advance, so you are saying that when he delta exceeds a certain measure then either the owner buys the contracts back at the price committed to or their position is closed and those that took the bet keep the shorts money. So how does that work, are you saying that whilst the price gap between she short and the actual remains within the boundaries we might be waiting for however long it takes for the price to go up and break the shorts or collapse and drop to the 25k predicted by the shorts? Sorry thinking with my fingers typing, have I got it right? How do we know what the gap must be?