Bitcoin's Last attempt to ride up?

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Hi guys Mr.Karimi here analyzing the BTC future trend.
As you can see there are 3 EMA's along with a decent PRICE ACTION level holding the BTC correction. my opinion on bitcoin divides into 2 Scenarios:
1- BTC would hold at this level and the EMA'S would carry the price up to the All time high resistance and then the real market crash starts and rejects the price back to the 31k price it may happen in an impulsive way or an annoyingly long correction trend. However the result would be the same.
2- BTC would rise once more, Break the All time high and retest the new support zone with a pullback. Maybe some consolidation there for some time for BTC to gain more strength.
I'll update the idea later to show you guys the results no matter it's a win or loss.
What's your insight about the BTC trend? leave your opinion in the comment section.