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Well well, Elon Musk is stranding Bitcoin , CZ said Binance is getting investigated, everyone are getting panic, all our investments are getting to nowhere.
Hey relax, chill my friends. Everything is on track this one of the biggest corrections of this cycle but still don't forget we are in the best bullish year of this cycle and this downtrend is just a correction.

I'm giving you my buy positions on BTC /USDT so you can make you own decisions more clearly. Let's check it out together:
I'm using step by step buying strategy because we can never fully predict when the correction is going to stop but we can find it out when we reach to the stop. So here we go..
I put my first step at $43,100, as you can see on the chart there is a big purple AB=CD pattern gave us a nice PRZ area that worked fine.
My next buying area will be at $38,300 a little bit above a very strong support area . But how I did call it strong? If you check the chart, you'll find three reasons. First, this area is a PRZ area from light blue AB=CD pattern. Second, This is the bottom line of a big correction channel. And Third and less likely area will be around $31,000. This area is the target of a big head and should pattern but it doesn't have all of it's standard situation so it may work not correctly or work as just a shadow or maybe a fail break-out of the channel. But I put this buy position but If the price tap this area I don't want to miss it.

What is your point of view about analysis on BTC /USDT, I like you to share it in the comment section for me, so we can share our knowledge together.
And, As always, feel free to ask any question about this chart in comment section, I will happily answer you :)
If you like this idea, hitting like button, sharing it to the ones who will find it useful and giving me comment will give me a lot of motivation :)
Trade active: All my buy positions mentioned on the chart are filled. Stay safe and sound.
Trade closed: target reached: Our three buy positions are hit and trust me, these will be one of the cheapest price of Bitcoin. I believe we're close to end of correction. there is a possibility for BTC to hit around $27,500 - $31,000 again but I don't see any lower price in the market. So get on the train before it's too late..


Nice :)
ArshiaZojaji cgminer997
@cgminer997, Thank you my friend :)
As a newbie to crypto currency your charting and comments on bitcoin was outstanding it is the best I have watched there is a lot of garbage in the market I have had to filter through a lot. I would like your comments on Revain ??
@pjede666, Thanks Phil for your comment, This is exactly the main purpose of the TradingView community you can see everyone idea about the market and you alone are the on in charge to decide for your capital..
And about REV that you asked I should say REV is not the type of free coin on my TradingView profile. But I have private analysis program, so if you're interested you can send me a private message and I will let you know about the terms and rates..
that was so helpful for me, tNX Arshia.
ArshiaZojaji mrsedighdaemi
@mrsedighdaemi, Thank you bro, I really appreciate it.
Thanks again Arshia for your great TA.
I totally accept these targets as great buying chance. 38-39k is place where 200 Daily MA is located.
Also Monthly EMA 55 is located on 32k right now.
But a question is, as we know if we cross down down Daily MA 200, it's not gonna be easy for bitcoin to pump back fast. Is it possible we enter into a mid term bearish trend in that situation ?
@Behnam93, Thank you dear Behnam for you kind words. As I'm not an MA or EMA guy I don't want to concentrate on Monthly EMA 55 but I found Daily 200 MA so useful.
And about your question I strongly recommend you to search "halving tracker" on google or twitter and you'll find the chart. By comparing the this cycle to the past in the exact time-line you'll find this is the biggest correction in the cycle and after that BTC will rise to higher targets. So stay safe everything will be alright and holder always get their Jackpot prize.
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Behnam93 ArshiaZojaji
Thanks for your guidance.
sure. I will search for that and learn more.
Appreciate the time you put here to help the community with your profound knowledge.
@Behnam93, The best thing about crypto community is that we are united. This makes us unique. Every person in the community should help others this is the best way to grow our society and it has benefit for all.. I'm trying my best too.. But anyway, thanks again for your cheerful comment :)