Bitcoin $20,000 later this year? It's possible.

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Bitcoin has broken the bullish channel up, the most likely now is that it will create a new bullish channel even more inclined, in sentiments this channel means a big euphoria in the bull market.

If this prediction is correct, we can see bitcoin hitting the record price of $ 20,000 later this year.

I'm still 100% bought. #HODL
Comment: Top of the channel is blocking the price, a short-term correction is likely to happen in this region.
I'm still 100% bought, #HOLD!
Comment: Top of uptrend channel works
Comment: Graph zoom
BTC remains strong for its historic price, we have top of the bullish channel and 20k as resistance ahead, even so I see no reason to sell in the medium term.

Comment: Bitcoin drop
Nothing out of the blue, trend continues upward in the short, medium and long term
Comment: Bitcoin remains on the bullish channel, most likely it will consolidate in the region to have a new bullish movement.
I am aware of the need to sell part of my bitcoins to protect capital, but for the time being I am 100% bull with bitcoins.