BTC breaks down the wedge pattern

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Yesterday, H1 timeframe wedge was broken down and continued the short-term downtrend.
A little tip, price range after the breakout, will be approximately equal to the price range during accumulation
So after getting out of the wedge , price reaches $18000 - $18600
Why is the H1 frame support so large?
Depending on each person's school, the drawing style will be different. Personally, I draw resistance and support zones based on supply and demand zones. The longer the wick, the larger the price range
if the price falls off $18000, it will continue to decrease to $17500 - $17700
The nearest support 17k5 - 17k7
For targets, you can review The Corrective Wave for BTC - Running Flat in my profile