GOLD can repeat BTC pattern which was in 2020 and risw to ATH

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Hello my friends, today I want talk with you about GOLD the similarity with the bitcoin chart at the end of 2020.

In March 2020 we remember was COVID 19 virus and all markets include BTC fall, this was very strong shakeout for all crypto community.
After this we saw few months recovery it was 3-4 months until Autumn.
And then we all remember what was, btc grow higher and higher.
At 1st was 10.000 after 20.000 then 30.000 then 40-50-60k !
It was unbelievable, but was.
And today I'm found something similar in GOLD chart.
Few months ago we saw shakeout after this was recovery part.
And now can be 3rd part of this structure - is upward impulse.
On BTC chart price made x10 from low, I dont think that GOLD can repeat it, but it can hit ATH and even go higher.
So, Im expect next upward impulse for gold in next few weeks and will see what happens.

This is article not financial advice, always do your own research.

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