Bitcoin: Possible trajectory that no one has been aware of

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We reveal the market maker's mind and behind the scene.
Check the chart
Everything is evident


Interesting chart.
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It surely happen soon
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Great idea looking forward to it
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Can't be a running flat because Wave 'B' doesn't break the beginning of wave 'A'. Nice try tho.
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bltagraphedu frenchthief
@frenchthief, Thanks dude for your comment.
I am totally agree with you, however, the shadow in the 30K dip was containing huge FUD.
In that time market face a huge amount of supply due to fear.
In that, I assumed the close of the dip candle as the beginning of the A part of a running flat. in this regard with this assumption (I know that there were bids and asks), it could be a running flat.
now, the 5 impulse wave is also completed.
there are two scenario in my mind:
1- dump to 29K
2- a correction of the occurred impulse wave to around 34K.
here I only publish the short scenario how ever there is always another point of view :D
waiting for the market price action to reveal itself.
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It's good idea 👌🏻
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@vahidf2 thanks 😉
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It's happening
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