2-year Trade Marathon. Statistics №8 - YFII QTUM BNB ATOM SOL

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Hi there! Due to a sharp decline in interest in trading on the cryptocurrency market, after the fall in May, we stopped regularly publishing statistics of our trade marathon . In addition, summer, rest, people are definitely not up to trading.

Though, the time has come to start a new active trading wave and perfectly finish 2021. Therefore, today we will show you our trades for the previous two weeks and, in general, describe the situation in our trade marathon . For better concentration of information, we will publish the statistics of our trades once a month. In this case, in any market there will be enough information and trades to share with you.

During 3 months of consolidation in the cryptocurrency market, we traded as carefully as possible. The market was poorly predictable and we changed some parameters of the marathon . We reduced the position size by 4 times, entered positions only from strong levels and traded only for the most part BTCUSDT

During the period of such consolidations, money is often lost. Due to the high manipulativeness of the market, stops are constantly triggered, the market turns chaotically, etc. Every month, our deposit sagged by about 3% from May to August.
In August, keeping the maximally reduced positions for trading, we had a successful two trading weeks, which gave birth to a new growth wave of our deposit.

The defining trade that turned the course of the marathon was the YFIIUSDT coin trade:
Noticing the maximum interest in the coin at the end of July, when the final fall wave continued in the cryptocurrency market, we entered the trade. Thus, with a short stop of 4.1%, we caught a powerful and fast trade by 24%. Not a bad start with a profit / loss ratio of 6/1:

Other trades we took on July 27-28 ended up also closing profitably, but were less successful. We are talking about SNX and CHR:

Take profit of YFII and placing a profitable stop of SNX gave us the opportunity to enter new positions without increasing the risk. Thus, having received a small profit on SNX , we took two new positions on ATOMUSDT and BNBUSDT, which, as a result, gave 30% and 22%, respectively:

Further, according to the same system, we continued to work during these 2 weeks with coins:
The last part of trades was fixed with profitable stops on the local fall of the cryptocurrency market on August 11-12:
REPUSDT - The stop was triggered at the price of $27.99.
TLMUSDT - The trade was calculated for a large take profit. However, we did not like the nature of the price growth. We decided to put a stop and exit the market if the price returns to consolidation.

Over the past two weeks, we have made 14 trades, of which:
unprofitable – 2,
break-even – 3,
profitable – 9.
For the entire marathon period from February 15, 2021, we made 77 trades, of which:
unprofitable – 34,
break even – 7,
profitable – 33.
In positions at the moment – 3.

Nevertheless, given that the ratio of the received profit to the received losses is 3:1 or more, such statistics are good for us. Such trading, which is focused on medium and large deposits, is controlled, conservative and comfortable.
If someone is interested in seeing all the marathon statistics - write in the comments and we will send it to you in private messages.

Successful trading and clear risk control!
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