We did not get the high we wanted , thats why i did not call the sell
The farming opportunity was to small to risk
Remember bigger picture i still see BTC making it to 48K - 52K zone
So im still bullish for next two weeks , we just looking for farming opportunities in between this move
Stop loss still at 36K


Thanks mate! Really appreciate it. Cheers from Portugal! Hope to see you in school, master. 😉
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Really appreciate you, Sheldon! Thank you so much ♥️♥️ ♥️
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Thank you for all the help. Would love to learn more in Sniper School.
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Thanks Sheldon,
I am trading the ETHBTC pair (farming), your analysis is great as always. As an aside, do you know of a dex exchange that has limit stop loss feature?
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You are the man Sheldon! This is my Sniper school without being in Sniper School!
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aashvnn9 vermelho121
@vermelho121, this and the gems of wisdom Sheldon shares on the shows. I think we can learn from them if we can't get into the sniper school. Which is 99.9999% possible we won't.
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impossibleMe vermelho121
@vermelho121, EXactly!!!!
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soniavroberts impossibleMe
@impossibleMe, as I preicted :)
Stop loss at 36k,
so when can buyer's buy ?!
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