Bullcrap Fractals in play? Bitcoin is in danger!?

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Hello Folks,
Reminder i am not trying to send a FUD to people, but we should be aware in the situation.
Bitcoin level now is in the danger, bears are controlling the market right now and we are in the resistance of 9300-9500 level.
Bull momentum are dying and this is very similar to the past.
As you can see in the two chart, i am trying to compare two similar patterns.
same 9k level, same top and resistance.

There is a difference on two charts

Old one is a FOMO plus a technical reason

New one most of them are technical reasons, chart patterns and etc, plus we are above in 1 day 21 ma and 200ma now unlike in the past.

so its very confusing right now where the bitcoin could be going.

we still have one last chance if we complete the double bottom and reverse the trend in coming few hours we are safe in the bull trend..

if the bulls fail to complete the double bottom and break 9.2k level the feedback of failure will be very fatal, and we will try to find support around 9k-8.8k,8.5k,7.7k

im smelling some big action may occur very soon.

Lets hope for the best!

Another scenario if bulls plan for a more long term goals.

OLD TA might still in play.