Bitcoin, strong resistance in the 29k region

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The price of Bitcoin is close to resistance in the 29k region, it is the fibo extension of 1.618, a strong reference.

A few days ago the resistance pattern was confirmed when the price had difficulty to pass the 24k which was the resistance region of the previous fibo 1.272, leaving the possibility that the 1.618 fibo (29k region) will work as resistance as well.

I am still 100% bought but watch out for any additional signs to sell parts of my Bitcoins .


Hello MrClock, first of all thanks for your analyses!!
Normally I saw its on Telegram :)

One question:
- Which tool do you use to draw the FIBO points?

thanks ;) and keep going !!
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MrClock zezinhomanelinho99
@zezinhomanelinho99, Hello, thank you.
You can use Fib Retracement, or simple use "Alt + F"
It's ok we are holding with stop loss
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