Bitcoin - Pitchfork and Bullish Flag (You haven't seen it!)

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  • On the chart, you can see my Fibonacci original pitchfork on the logarithmic scale, starting from the bottom at 15476. As you can see, this pitchfork is very well respected, sometimes pretty much exactly to the dollar. The power of a pitchfork is real on Bitcoin. I use Fibonacci 1, 0.618, 0.382, and 0 values for it.
  • Right now, the price of Bitcoin is still bullish because the pitchfork is clearly holding, we can see a bullish flag / parallel channel on the recent price action, and what's more, we have an ABC correction that has been completed successfully. It's a good bullish setup for longs, but we all know that if the price falls below the pitchfork and below the ABC wave, it's going to trigger a massive crash to 15k! Bitcoin is overall pretty weak compared to gold, which has already almost hit an all-time high while Bitcoin is struggling.
  • In all of my analyses, I always give you a very strong technical analysis that no one else does. I keep my description pretty short, so you don't spend too much time reading while all the necessary information is included.
  • It's really best for bullish flags to be together with an ABC correction of ZigZag types. This will increase the probability of success.
  • Maybe I am wrong and Bitcoin is not going to pump, but it's totally okay as long as your risk-to-reward ratio is above 3. You can be right only 40% of the time to be a successful trader. Most people think you need to be right 80% of the time, which you can, but your risk-to-reward ratio will be only 1, which gives you a very small profit for each trade. I prefer a higher risk-to-reward ratio with a lower success rate.
  • I do analyses for the bulls and for the bears, and now it's your work to do your own analysis and open trades. I give you good reasons for the bullish and bearish scenarios. It can sometimes look like all I post is that I am sure about it, but it's just a part of my personality.
  • This analysis is not a trade setup; there is no stop-loss, entry point, profit target, expected duration of the trade, risk-to-reward ratio, or timing. I post trade setups privately.
  • Thank you, and for more ideas, hit "Like" and "Follow"!
This is the last chance for the bulls to hold this pitchfork, otherwise 15k is really likely! I am just saying how it is.
Another test of the pitchfork support. The bulls need to step in right now.

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