BTC - Warning - May fall to 22K

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
*** Not a financial advice ***
There are signs that BTC may fall to 22-21K. It is not exact of course but i compare it with past behavior and comfirm it with indicators.
In this scenario i copied candle pattern from rally starting at a point until to ATH (All time high) and reversed it to see if there is a similarities with falling. I used Fibonacci Bollinger Bands indicator plus Fibonacci Speed Resistance Fan straight and reversed version to compare it with todays situation. I found a price location. And then I checked it with monthly Bollinger Band to see it's possibilities and then I saw the same location with Bollinger Band's baseline.
Again, of course none of these clues can be exact but i think it is worth to pay attention on it.
If this fall going to be happen, I am waiting it to be hapen within few days or a week, or less than 2 weeks.