BTC AI Bot Purchase 13 May 2021

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
13 May 2021. AI is predicting that the close of 12 May 2021 will be a bottom and has purchased during the opening. Looks like there was a "flash crash" and the filled price was at 46949.18. This is quite far from the closing price.
The candlestick chart shows the spike.

Previous boxes show past trade results.
Comment: 14 May 2021. Bottom called correctly but not a significant spike.
Comment: 15 May 2021. Still holding on to the position.
Comment: 17 May 2021. Still holding.
Comment: 18 May 2021. Still holding.
Comment: 19 May 2021. This may turn out to be a big loss. I'm thinking if the trading strategy should change from a single position to cost averaging. I'll see how it performs historically.
Trade closed: stop reached: Finally sold at 39010.42 with a 15% loss. I actually retrained my model at it seems now to manage the previous crash better based on backtesting.