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I can see a real good movement on BTC , even though there might be some pullbacks along the movement...

(Using Fibonacci retracement ) We can see a strong support (@ $29,700 - $30,000), since the very beginning of this year... and a near support/resistance (@ $40,500).... retracing the movement with fibonacci level, we can see the market projecting towards the 50% level ($44,120)... and with a big momentum move, it can make a way through the 50% level and project higher and then have a breathing space at the near support/resistance .. before completing its full movement

Also, for dynamic resistance and support, we can see both the EMA 12-period and 10-period acting as support now.. this proof the bullish direction of the market

Don't forget, there will be some pullbacks during the bullish movement
Trade carefully, and make sure you give the market enough time to play out any ways it want to

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Comment: 1st TP level has been hit, the 50% fib retracement level, $44,160
Entry price: $39,000.... took profit at $44,200

patience pays