Bitcoin at initial stages of Bull Market.

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As suggested in my previous analysis that Bitcoin will bounce off 34 K zone as it was falling at 0.5 of Fibonacci level and it exactly bounced off the same point.

By completing that bounce, things started to look Bullish for Bitcoin .

Going by the chart, next major stop for Bitcoin will be at 45K zone at wave 3. However this should take more than a week to reach to that point.

The figures on the chart are just estimates, however Bitcoin should move around those figures.

Coming weeks will validate these numbers.

Overall I am positive on upcoming Bull Market

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Any update?
Point 3 will only happen if the rise is not rejected at 42k and plummets.
@NR91 it should be rejected twice before reaching wave 3, as between wave 2 and 3, it needs to create 5 subwaves.. I am expecting it to be rejected around 40k zone in a day.. It should come down to 37K zone
sounds like we here for copul months atleast
@ghorbanis437 yes it will take sometime to recover