BITCOIN - New All Time Highs Soon πŸš€

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Bitcoin is setting up for the next massive impulse.

We can see that we've had a number of impulses and corrections and now we're setting up for another impulse.

The correction we're in is a slightly more complex correction made up over 3-3-5. We're currently in the latter stages of the correction, the 5 waves. Expecting one more drop to the 50 fibonacci, which is also supported by structure and the major ascending trendline.

Trade idea:
- Watch for price to drop once more to the 50 fibonacci
- When we get a bounce, enter with stops below the rejected price
- Target the ATH's as first target and then -0.27 fib as second target and HODL the rest

You can take advantage of the short term move down but manage your risk.

Let us know your thoughts!


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