Bitcoin, i missed opportunity to buy it. Next resistance is...

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Bitcoin , I missed the opportunity to buy it. The next resistance is...
Comment: 🚨#Bitcoin, I will buy it only if trend line break out happens



Yuri, you sound so sad. Dont be sad mate , lower prices are coming . Just look what happened when 10 w EMA and 20 w EMA crossed every time. Bounce and then discount after discount after discount. Do not worry , every one is bull side and expect 100, 200, 300 k , Even after more than 50% drop. Noone is saying sell on rallies . That's the early sign not to buy yet . It may bounce yes, you dont want to play basket ball with it.
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Yuriy_Bishko PedroRolles
@PedroRolles, I missed many trades, that's why I sad)

Bitcoin Analyze (Playing with Harmonic Patterns)!!!
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Hi Yuri, this the 4th time or the 5th that this model is repeating(going to 30k zone and bounce) I guess the whales are going for stop hunt and then buy the dip, What do you think, why it is repeating again and again in the last month?
This time I almost bought the dip, but I have missed it to. But no regrets, there will be more opportunities:)

I guess if there is next time is it ok to buy around 29k with stop loss 26 and take the risk? What do you guys thinking? :)
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Yuri, your one of the best of bests!
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I look all your updates . keep up this good work, i am glad i met you on the web. Thank you very much
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Yuriy_Bishko christova
@christova, thanks for reply
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My trading indicator on 1 day turned red... first time since april 2020.. I believe Bitcoin will drop below 28k...
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35 top and down cme expiring Friday upward gain is capped
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I don't think the market is totally bearish right now.

Many market players are fixated on 30,000 USDT support and 40,000 USDT resistance levels. It seems to me that Bitcoin only reached the real support line yesterday.

I think that, even with the current sanctions, a fall below 28.805 USDT is unlikely.
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