BTC/USDT Local trend. Pivot zones.

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
The local trend (part of the secondary trend), the reversal zone from which the further development of the secondary trend depends. All shown on the chart with a description.

Short local scenario.
Working with a breakdown/rebound depending on your trading strategy and what kind of trader you are.
If price fails and consolidates under the 28,666 level—short entry. The failure may be impulsive. The stop is always behind this
level. As price declines, lower your stop and do not get greedy. Zones of key levels 666 marked on the chart.

Long local scenario.
Work with a breakdown/rebound, depending on your trading strategy and what kind of trader you are.
I marked two local reversal zones, which determines the break/failure of the trend. The volume after the “surrender” ( volume of May 9-11) is still absent.
The local downtrend (purple). Breaking through, it could form a local double bottom 10.21%. Can to the red downtrend (not break it) and back.
Secondary downtrend (red). Breakout and fixation is a reversal of the secondary trend.
In all cases, the volume (interest) of the “buyer” is important.

Planned crypto events in the near future.
It's worth noting that with crypto events coming up, there should be a crypto conference in Austin USA from 9 to 12 06 22

Trade cycles, not "belief chips."
All alts (except TRX) at the moment follow bitcoin movement (as always). That's why you shouldn't look for a “special crypto-fantasy.”

With bitcoin and the group that fit a certain well-known standard, everything will be much better than just good. After all, we are stepping into the digital world. With scams (faith wrappers) and everything that has “raised its hand” on the “printing press”—evaporation in the LUNA

Long-term trend.
BTC/USD Primary trend. % of secondary trend highs

BTC/USD Main trend (small part). Channel. Pivot area.

SP 500 and Dow Jones.
To understand the potential more likely movement in the cryptocurrency market, watch the SP 500 Index and Dow Jones. At the moment (as before), there has not been a decoupling of the cryptocurrency market from the stock market. Perhaps someday it will, but at the moment it is not being observed.

SP500 Index Buy Twitter 44/289 (Manipulation Warnings)
Comment: After the May 9-11 dump, the market is still waiting for a denouement. Day 7 the price is squeezed in a narrow range of 6.19% Between the levels of 28,666 - 30,440. Interesting squeeze values aren't they?

Be careful and cautious and work on the situation in advance, understanding the local risks. The logic of working depicted and described earlier and described in the video. Observe the risk management in your trading. If you don't understand something—watch from the sidelines.

Disconnect from all FUD news portals and the majority opinions to soberly assess what is happening.
Comment: Bitcoin is squeezed between the 28,666 – 30,440 levels and has declined in 24 hours ("asteroid" 7335 (1989) May 27) by only -2.4% at the moment (alts -5-10%)
Now the important moment, because at the level of support 28 666 (the price 28 717) of this clamp.

Breaking through it down and fixing—the last medium-term market decline
Holding the area—further flat in the squeezed zone.
If the price keeps it for 3 more days, it will move into the descending secondary trend (purple). Breaking through it—impulse and fixation. There is a high probability of reversal of this trend. The price is $28,717
Comment: Most of the secondary trend (channel).
On a larger scale, this reversal zone.
The marker conditionally showed price directions in cases of breakout/non-breakthrough (fixing/not fixing) of trend and local support/resistance levels.

With a high degree of probability, stops will be knocked down now (long / short). At such moments, locally you can make good money primarily on alts. Remember to take risks and don't flatter ahead of time.

The price at the middle of the descending channel is a secondary trend.
Very nicely, by this clamping of prices in a narrow range, they drew a potential canvas of a descending flag. Also, the price has now been pushed to the breakout zone of this local downtrend (purple, red on the local chart).
Comment: The momentum as yesterday was shown at +6.58% (what is it, is the price above the level?) to the level zone 31666. There was a volume at this test. Some altos came to life much more. Be careful.
Comment: Expected pullback from resistance 31,666. Local reversal zones. Be warned. This applies not only to bitcoin for obvious reasons.
Comment: Local rollback to the 28,666 level zones continues. Volatility is decreasing. Breakup soon. The direction of altcoins behind bitcoin as always.

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