Btc daily updates for June 2019

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Current move of #btc 10500 support , 11600 resistence , in this zone btc didnt choose its direction until now
We have 2 ways for btc and waiting which way it will choose :
1st way breaking the Green line trend resistence of the channel and make Reversal H&S , with targets 11200-13000-13800 and if break 14k next target will be 16k zone
2 way : moving down slowly until break 10500 Major support and contenue to 9800-9500-8800 ( these zones is the best buy zone ) and it may take 1-2 weeks before break the support
BTC long term trend convert bullish trend if stay above 8800 in daily close candle
Current zone not zone for trading btc before breaking support or resistence for me and it may be good zone for trading some altcoins
and you what do u think about btc next move ?
1- up and break resistence ?
2- breaking 105000 support
let me see ur comment let me see ur comment
Jul 08
Trade active: Bearkout up
Targets short term 11800-12000-12200
Mid term 13000-13800 may add more targets
Jul 08
Trade closed: target reached: 1st short term target reached 11800
next target 12k-12200
Jul 08
Trade closed: target reached: 2nd target short term reached
Jul 08
Trade closed: target reached: 3rd target short term reached 12200
Jul 09
Trade active:
Jul 09
Trade closed: target reached: 13k target done
Jul 13
Trade active: