BTCUSDT Analysis

BITTREX:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
Hello Traders!

Here is my view on Bitcoin

Let's start with the current triangle pattern , Market price is in the middle of the pattern and it can now break the 59000 resistance and then we will see one more bearish move to the bottom trendline and it will complete the ABCDE formation.

This pattern will give a breakout to the upside and once it breaks it then there is no fixed target where it will end so for that I have drawn the imaginary trendline this trendline is the copy of the bottom trendline and the copy trendline method is best to find the area of resistance when there is no visible resistance.

Once it touches the imaginary line we will see a hard drop that will aim for 42000$ price.

My prediction is that the market will cross 44000 price on 21st May.

In the bigger view, this will be ABC formation which is the method and research work of Sir Elliott .

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can we hope a bounce back from 40K
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Aadil1000x safetryp8cc059850b964449
@safetryp8cc059850b964449, Yes there is a perfect buy entry at the bottom, we will catch it.
So you think it will hit $60k before drop ?
Aadil1000x shayulajiao
@shayulajiao, yes!
Aadil1000x azhaq2015
@azhaq2015, You will see some more Amazing stuff soon.
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