Good morning ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the ups and downs of bitcoin . I drew today 4h after a noticeable drop as you can see Bitcoin is as usual.
But let's take a look at the chart to look at what happened
Well, we lost 19,000 yesterday, and considering the 50m failure, we expected something like that, and dropped to a reliable support below us. I always consider the 200m to be reliable, and I analyze based on that.
Coincidentally, Fibonacci 23% was in the 200m position. After that, we recovered a bit. I saw that we were completely out of the cloud and back to it, and that is better than being under the cloud. And the rejection in this area reduces us to about 18,000 and one of these levels must be broken to determine the future of the movement. We still have a lot of support below us and that makes me optimistic about the future.
Always stop losing and make good choices