BITCOIN - Bakkt’s & VanEck’s ETF - Part 1

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A Bitcoin sell off does not always mean it is trending, it is all a matter of perspective. If you focus on one hour charts, you will see a trend!

For those who do not realize yet, losing is part of this game. When I was a beginner, I hated losing and used to make the mistake of letting my performance determine the value of my self worth. Back then, a colleague of mine used to always remind me that in order to win, you have to be able and willing to lose. It took years for me to fully appreciate those wise words. If you can't lose, you can NEVER win. Losing provides opportunities to develop, improve and grow if your level of emotional intelligence brings them to light. Over time these opportunities will lead to experience that will contribute to developing a personal process.

We follow a process that allows us to make the best use of our time and attention while participating in broader movements when the market cooperates. In other words, once the criteria lines up, and we are triggered into a trade, it is up to the MARKET from there. We DO NOT react to noise, over think or second guess. As long as our risk is defined, it is up to the market to do the rest.

Many may be over reacting to the bearish movement and assuming a trend. They will use trend following strategies, while over looking the fact that Bitcoin is still gyrating within a broad range (14K high to 9K low). Since price has not made any progress outside of this range, we continue to view it as a consolidation UNTIL it proves otherwise. Proof will have to come in the form of a break out, either below 9K or above 14K. We don't predict, we adjust and prepare.

What if price breaks lower? The 9K area is the extreme support where a fake out can most likely occur. We trade the long side only, so this is an error that we automatically avoid, but many will get sucked in. IF price can clear 9K decisively, ONLY then will we consider the 8500 support level in play. For our investment strategy (SEPARATE from swing trades), the 9K to 8500 - 7500 area is attractive when it comes to accumulating more inventory. In summary, Bitcoin is fluctuating around the lower region of a broad range, it is NOT trending on the degree to which we place the most weight on. For our swing trade strategy, this means the probability of the location favors long setups. We make every effort to remove ourselves from the equation and let the MARKET determine when to enter and exit a trade. Reacting is what often leads to errors and losses compared to letting the market present and trigger a trade idea.

What are your rules? How do you define a market that is in a trend? Or in a range? How do you measure your risk and reward relative to the current price structure? If you can't answer these questions clearly and decisively, then you should not be risking real money. Most new traders and investors come to this arena focused on profit, and overlook the value of consistency. Risk is the only variable we can truly control which is why our process begins with a defensive mindset. This is why we can be right less than 50% of the time, yet still produce a positive return overall.

BTC Back in Business

Hope you all had a restful labor day! Nothing quite like a respite from the usual to hit the reset button and start the week fresh.

Speaking of fresh starts, BTC found renewed vigor as it unexpectedly jumped from $9,400 up to $10,700. The run-up from $9,600 was particularly vigorous. Ascending volume matched bitcoin’s rising price tag tit for tat before topping out in a stride.

The latest move confused anyone seeking logic behind it. However, it correspond very nicely with the news that VanEck SolidX is offering a limited bitcoin ETF to institutional investors.

In the short term we have:

• VanEck’s unexpected ETF offering
• Bakkt’s bitcoin futures live date on the 23rd
• Final ETF decision arriving mid-October

The takeaway is that we’re entering a precarious time rife with potential for extreme volatility . Remember, volatility is not just to the downside, but to the upside as well.

Bitcoin’s obvious strength over the past couple of days tells us that with only an additional bit of fuel thrown in the fire, we may find ourselves firmly breaking out of the descending triangle in the chart below.

A move up towards $11K may be nothing more than a fake out attempt at breaking from the triangle, but banking on that by being short now is more risk than we’re willing to stomach. After all of these weeks spent sideways and slipping lower

We’re monitoring the situation closely and will keep you up to date.
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to be continued
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The previous supports that held over time failed. It's like that they weren't there in the first place. I expect that the lower channel boundary LTA workin. $6k here we come?

In other wordsit is was time for a bounce (PULLBACK) that will be followed by another low later...

If you loved bitcoin at $8600, I'm sure that you will love it here too!

Trading is fun right?

$7400 - 7200 range in working

However, the RSI tells me that it isn't time for a significant recovery. I expect that we will test lower levels over time. (6k is coming)

Comment: Press the play xD
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