BTC - Impulsive over? Ready to set the B wave?

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Have not used time analysis in this chart. Based on Elliot and Fibonacci, it is possible that the 5th leg ended as a truncated 5th but until the dotted trend line (measured from 2 to 4) remains intact, I am still looking for the lower targets. If that dotted trend line breaks, the impulsive is over and we correct to the upside. If we lose this 30k level, there is literally no support from here to my first target and if we hit either of them, we will get divergence on the RSI which the whole world will trade. Waiting for whichever comes first, the break of the trend line or my targets where I will start to DCA in. Also I think we are in an A wave, waiting for the impulsive to end so we can go and set the B. Stay tuned...