BTC down when Amazon denies BTC payments

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As we didn't expect - the rumours about BTC payments pulled BTC price higher than H1 downtrend channel .

As we expected than - a good bounce from the resistance of 40500 - 40000 to the level of 37000 - 36500.

The price now is about 37000 and we should share our trading ideas with you.

The main thing is that we are still in a major sideway correction.

It is on the way, and we can see the real efforts to brake the downtrend and move up again (but not now).

There still was no real downtrend correction, as you can see it in the chart.

Probably BTC can move higher, but not so high as the Binance squizze (LOL).

Please also mention that now we have a HUGE GAP on 34550 - 32450 that can be closed in this week.

So we are again looking for a good SHORT position and will keep in touch with more good ideas from Scalper Season Team.

If BTC will be stable for few days higher than 42000 - 41000, than we can expect it above 57000 - 55000.


You are saying not a real downward correction but btc dipped over 45%, stuck in this price zone for 3 months, it was not sideways but downfall
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Scalper_Season v9ubpkxpf7
@v9ubpkxpf7, anyway, we still have where to fall and what to correct)
100% agreed
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@aabbas110, so we will see soon...